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Classic Urban Harmony, LLC promotes the legacy of Rhythm & Blues Vocal Group Harmony (1940's through 1960's), Doo Wop Music, Soul Harmony, Spiritual Quartet Singing and Early Rock & Roll Music through multimedia presentations, workshops, courses, historical research, interviews, magazine articles, radio guest appearances, library and museum displays, finding bookings for vocal groups, a Classic Urban Harmony newsletter and this website. 

Who We Are:

Classic Urban Harmony, LLC is wholly owned by Charles and Pamela Horner and located in central New Jersey.




Dr. Charles Horner is a music historian and former radio personality who now gives multimedia presentations on the development of 1950's Rhythm & Blues, early Rock & Roll, Doo Wop Music and Soul Music.  He is recognized worldwide as an authority on the history of  vocal harmony.












Pamela Horner has been an aficionado of R&B vocal group harmony for more than twenty years.  She is skilled as an educator, administrator, researcher and writer.






The Classic Urban Harmony Archives


Located at an undisclosed site in the eastern half of the United States, a temperature and humidity controlled, guarded and constantly monitored facility houses over 50,000 phonograph records as well as thousands of news clippings, photographs, books, trade magazines, sheet music, posters and other memorabilia relevant to vocal harmony.  Charlie and Pam are photographed here in the Archive's West Wing.  (Photo by Lauretta Camardelli)  


This Website:

This website has grown to become a valuable source for information on the history of vocal harmony groups.  Our WHAT'S NEW page covers the latest news in this field.  On other pages you can browse through a couple hundred articles on this website about our music's history, from group bios to concert reviews to obits to book reviews.  Our EVENTS CALENDAR page lists upcoming concerts and events important to group harmony fans.  We add new posts every couple days.


The Classic Urban Harmony Newsletter:

We have a free email newsletter covering the latest in vocal group harmony happenings that we send out whenever we have enough to report on (usually every few weeks).  To subscribe, just send your name and email to

Music History Displays for Libraries and Museums:

Music memorabilia items from our CUH Archives are available for loan to library and museum displays and exhibits.  We will design and set up professional exhibits of all sizes.  Our archives contain tens of thousands of items, including rare photos, recordings, songbooks, sheet music, posters, books, magazines and much more.  Since designing, labeling and setting up such exhibits requires considerable knowledge and labor (in addition to an inexhaustible supply of valuable display items) we do charge for this service.  Our fees vary according to exhibit size, location and length of display time, but are generally quite reasonable.  Exhibit fees can often be packaged with one or more of our multimedia presentations.      

Booking Acappella and Doo Wop Groups:

While not our primary business, we do try to line up gigs for the acappella and doo wop groups that we know.  If you're looking for an acappella group for a community event or concert in the New Jersey area, we can usually match your needs and budget to one of a couple dozen reliable and entertaining acappella groups that we work with.


Classic Urban Harmony Multimedia Presentations - What We Offer:

Classic Urban Harmony LLC offers a number of live multimedia presentations, all based on the history of Rhythm & Blues, early (1950's) Rock & Roll, Doo Wop, Soul, Spiritual and Gospel vocal group music.  All presentations consist of 60 or 90 minute PowerPoint talks containing rare photographs of singers, record labels, sheet music and memorabilia from the Classic Urban Harmony Archives.  Many photos are unpublished and come from the singers themselves or were taken by the managers of Classic Urban Harmony LLC.  Talks will also contain audio song clips and in some cases, video clips.  Presentations include anecdotes direct from the singers.  Our multimedia presentations are meant to educate as well as entertain.  We help our audiences learn the stories behind the songs they grew up with as well as the singers who sang those songs.


Who We Present To:

We give our presentations at libraries, museums, historical societies, active adult and retirement communities, colleges and corporate functions in New Jersey and Southeastern Pennsylvania.  We also talk at music conventions, educational forums and on themed cruise ships, worldwide.


Why We Do What We Do and Why We're Unique:

Rhythm & Blues Vocal Harmony and Doo Wop Music is one of the least documented, least respected and least understood of all the American musical art forms.  Over the past 45 years we've had the pleasure of interviewing literally hundreds of vocal group singers.  Many became our close friends.  Tragically, many of those singers are no longer with us.  The task of preserving their legacy has fallen on the select few serious researchers who had the foresight to document these artists' stories over the past several decades.



Contact Information

For information on scheduling a Classic Urban Harmony presentation for your community or organization, please email us at


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